21 Dec

M1 users report disruption to Internet services for second time this month

M1 users reported disruption to their broadband services on 21 Dec (2nd time this month, 4th time this year).

Users started reporting the disruption on M1’s facebook page since this morning. The complaints came from various parts of the island including Bukit Panjang, Bishan, Jurong, Marsiling, Serangoon, Sembawang, Simei, Marsiling and Tampines.

More than 12,000 reports were logged at online service tracker Downdetector as of 12pm. M1 down reports downdetector

M1 was fined $400,000 this year over disruptions to its broadband service in May. the disruption occurred during Circuit Breaker, eliciting many complaints from M1 users that were working from home.

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06 Sep

StarHub, M1 fined over broadband service disruptions during COVID-19 circuit breaker

StarHub and M1 have been fined by IMDA over disruptions to their Broadband services in April and May respectively.

StarHub was fined $210,000 while M1 was fined $400,000 according to IMDA.

IMDA took into considerations “relevant factors such as the duration, impact, and customers service measures adopted by the operators to mitigate impact”.  The authorities said it has concluded its investigations and found that the telcos have contravened the Code of Practice for Telecommunication Service Resilience 2016.

StarHub’s service disruption affected up to 250,000 broadband subscribers for close to five hours  on Apr 15.

The incident occurred when a StarHub staff made a configuration error during a planned network migration exercise.

“IMDA’s investigations found that the incident could have been prevented if StarHub had better supervised its staff during the migration exercise,” said the authority.

It decided on a S$210,000 fine for the telco, having also considered its “efforts to restore services as soon as possible, and its prompt communication and compensation to affected subscribers”, added IMDA.

M1’s broadband service was disrupted over two days on May 12 and 13.

The first incident lasted 23 hours from 7am on May 12 to 6am on May 13, affecting about 18,000 customers.

The cause of the disruption was “a corrupted profile database in M1’s broadband network gateway”, said IMDA.

The next incident on May 13 lasted about six hours and affected up to 20,000 subscribers.

It “was caused by a software fault in M1’s network equipment, which affected the routing of Internet traffic for affected M1 subscribers”, said the authority.

“IMDA’s investigations found that the first incident occurred because M1’s staff and vendor had not followed prescribed procedures. For the second incident, IMDA assessed that as the software fault was the first of its kind for such equipment, M1 could not have reasonably foreseen and prevented the incident.”

On the amount of penalty given to M1 – S$400,000 – the authority said it also considered that the disruption “lasted almost a full day, causing significant inconvenience to affected subscribers, and M1’s proactive compensation to affected subscribers following the incident”.

12 May

M1 Users reporting Service Disruptions

M1’s fibre broadband Internet service was facing disruptions on Tuesday morning (May 12), the telco said in a Facebook post just before 8am.

Customers “in the western, central and eastern parts of Singapore” may be affected, said M1, adding that its engineers were “working hard to resolve the issue”.

Some online commenters said the disruption was frustrating as they had to work from home during the ongoing COVID-19 “circuit breaker” period.

Commenters reported experiencing outage in various areas islandwide, including Ang Mo Kio, Bishan, Boon Keng, Bukit Panjang, Eunos, Hougang, Jurong, Marine Parade, Punggol, Sembawang, Sengkang, Serangoon, Siglap, Tampines, Toa Payoh, Tiong Bahru, Queenstown and Yishun.

Online service tracker Downdetector showed that users started reporting M1’s service outage from early Tuesday morning.

“We apologise for the inconvenience and will provide updates as soon as possible,” said M1.

In an update at 11.05am, it said the disruptions were affecting “only a specific group of customers”.

“Most of our customers are able to connect to our fibre broadband,” M1 added.

On Apr 15, StarHub users experienced an hours-long Internet disruption which left customers fuming.

The telco later apologised to its customers and offered a one-time rebate on their monthly home broadband fee.

Communications and Information Minister S Iswaran said last week the authorities would work with telcos to increase the buffer of their network capacity. He made the comment in response to a question by Member of Parliament Liang Eng Hwa about the surge in Internet traffic during the circuit breaker period.

This article was first sighted on CNA.

15 Apr

StarHub users hit by Fibre Broadband disruptions

StarHub Store

SINGAPORE: StarHub users across Singapore reported issues with their Internet service on Wednesday (Apr 15), with frustrated customers taking to social media to complain of an outage.

The disruption began at about 11am, according to posts on Twitter and on StarHub’s Facebook page.

In its latest update at 5.30pm, the telco said that the affected fibre broadband services are being “progressively restored”, adding that there is no evidence pointing to a cyber attack.

About 6000 reports of disruption to StarHub Fibre Broadband services.

“We have rectified a network issue with one of our Domain Name Servers that handles Internet traffic routing. Restoration of services is being closely monitored,” said StarHub in a Facebook post.

“We will bring you further updates upon full service restoration.”

StarHub had said in the morning that fibre services to some customers in the North and North-East regions were temporarily affected for about 20 minutes due to a network equipment fault.

It added that services resumed progressively after backup equipment immediately took over, and advised customers to reboot their modems and routers to refresh their data connection.

However, users were still reporting outages in the afternoon, with many complaining about being unable to work from home amid the COVID-19 circuit breaker measures.

This article was first sighted on Channel News Asia

28 Feb

Ang Mo Kio & Bishan Outage


NetLink Trust received reports of a fibre service disruption at around 1733 hours today. NLT discovered that fibre cables along Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1 were damaged by a third-party contractor. This errant third-party contractor was not engaged by NetLink Trust or its vendors.

Approximately 1,000 end-users’ fibre broadband services may have been affected by this incident.

NLT have deployed its recovery team onsite and fibre service restoration is underway. Services will be progressively restored by tomorrow morning.

NLT is working with all relevant parties including the Internet Service Providers to ensure that the service to the affected areas will be restored as soon as possible. Affected individuals and members of the press can monitor on www.netlinktrust.com, where updates will be posted as soon as information becomes available.

This article was first published on NetLink Trust‘s website.

14 Nov

Fibre Services outage

SINGAPORE – A fibre broadband service disruption in the eastern part of Singapore on Wednesday afternoon (Nov 14) has affected about 10,000 customers and some of them might get services back after only more than 24 hours.

In a statement on Wednesday night, NetLink Trust – the country’s fibre broadband network builder – said that services will be progressively restored by late Thursday afternoon.

It first received reports of a fibre service interruption at around 2.50pm. This means some customers might be without fibre broadband services – which includes Wi-Fi Internet connection – for more than 24 hours.

The outage affected users of all three major telcos and Internet service provider MyRepublic.

NetLink Trust said that the interruption was caused by a third-party contractor which severed a number of fibre cables while performing construction works along Tampines Avenue 9.

The network builder deployed its recovery team onsite and fibre service restoration is underway. It is also working with relevant parties to restore services to all affected areas, which includes the vicinity around Pasir Ris, Tampines, Changi and Loyang.

It urged affected customers to monitor NetLink Trust’s website at www.netlinktrust.com for updates.

Earlier in the day, Singtel, StarHub, M1 and MyRepublic posted on their Facebook pages that users in some areas like Tampines and Pasir Ris might experience difficulties accessing fibre Internet services, including Wi-Fi, television and phone services.

Singtel also said that some of its Wi-Fi hot spots on the island were affected, but these services have since been fully restored, according to an update at 6.46pm.

But fibre broadband, fixed voice and Singtel TV services in the north-eastern part of Singapore services remain affected.

Some netizens said that areas like Punggol and Sengkang were also affected by the fibre broadband downtime.

Housewife Kendra Koh, 26, a StarHub customer who lives in Pasir Ris, said she began experiencing difficulties connecting to Wi-Fi at around 3pm. She eventually had to buy unlimited mobile data for one day from another mobile service provider for one of her two cellphones so that she could connect her Internet TV set to the phone’s wireless hot spot.

“This is not the first time that this has happened. It has happened at least a couple of times recently and it’s quite ridiculous,” said Ms Koh.

Telco regulator Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) said that it is aware that a cable cut incident resulted in the service disruption to fixed-line telecom services to users in some eastern parts of Singapore such as Tampines.

“IMDA is investigating the incident and has asked affected service providers to restore services expeditiously,” he said.

In an update at 9.18pm, StarHub said that as a gesture of goodwill and appreciation, it will offer affected fibre customers a $10 rebate on their December bill.

Singtel also said that it would follow up with affected customers to waive their local mobile data charges until services are restored.

At 7.15am on Thursday morning, M1 said in a statement on its Facebook page that about half of its affected customers had their services restored.

As of 9.49am, Singtel said that progressive restoration of the affected broadband services was at 80 per cent. It also added that all fixed voice services had been restored by 2am.

StarHub said at 10.50am that NetLink Trust had restored approximately 80 per cent of the affected underground fibre cables serving its customers.

Article first sighted on The Straits Times.

25 Oct

Starhub outage

SINGAPORE — StarHub has yet to determine the root cause of the disruptions faced by its customers on Saturday (Oct 22) and again on Monday, but said there were similarities between the two incidents.

The Cyber Security Agency (CSA) and the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) also said the possibility of a cyberattack cannot be ruled out. In a joint statement, the CSA and IMDA said: “We have been paying close attention to developments as it happened on the heel of Friday’s attack against the US-based Domain Name System service provider, Dyn. We cannot rule out the possibility that this was a DDOS attack. What is important now is for StarHub to determine the root cause of the problem and prevent a recurrence.”

A  distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack typically occurs when multiple systems flood the bandwidth of a targeted system.

StarHub said in a separate statement on Tuesday that the disruption on Monday night was due to a spike in data traffic to their Domain Name Servers (DNS), and as such affected “some of our home broadband customers”. It added that the service was fully restored at about 11.25pm the same day.

“There was no impact on mobile, enterprise and home voice services, and the security of our customers’ information was not compromised,” StarHub said.

The IMDA is working with StarHub to investigate the matter, and strengthen its infrastructure and processes.

Other telcos have been advised to step up their defences in case there are similar disruptions to their systems. The CSA is also “studying and addressing the risks of DDoS attacks on our communications systems, as well as the measures to mitigate the impact of such attacks if they happen. CSA will also reach out to educate the public and businesses on the need to properly secure their systems”, the statement added.

Frustrated StarHub fibre broadband users were unable to connect to the Internet on Monday night, the second such disruption in three days.

From about 10pm on Monday, users had posted on StarHub’s Facebook page complaining of the service disruption. According to users, areas affected included Toa Payoh, Ghim Moh and Tanah Merah.

StarHub said on Facebook at 10.40pm that that it was aware that “some broadband customers” have been facing difficulties. “We are looking into this right now, and will post updates here as soon as we can,” the telco added. StarHub later updated that a network equipment issue had affected residential broadband service since about 10pm on Monday. The issue was rectified at 11.20pm, and the telco was investigating the root cause of the incident.

Facebook user Stephen Lam wrote: “Thanks for acknowledg(ing) that you are aware of the issue. Now please get it fix at the soonest, while I understand technical issue could be unpredictable but it is very annoying to experience disruption twice in 72 hours.”

According to figures on downdetector.sg, which offers a realtime overview of status information and outages for digital services, the number of outage reports peaked at more than 3,400 at close to 11pm on Monday.

On Saturday, StarHub broadband users were plagued by similar issues. The outage was rectified the next day at 2am. StarHub said on Facebook that the outage was due to “a network equipment issue”.

Article first sighted on Today.

19 Oct

Singtel mobile disruption

Many Singtel mobile users found themselves unable to make calls or access the Internet last night.

Customers took to Singtel’s Facebook page to complain about service disruptions in areas such as Jurong, Bishan, Ang Mo Kio, Bukit Merah, Woodlands, Sengkang and Potong Pasir.

Singtel said in an update on its Facebook page at about 11.30pm: “We are experiencing some mobile network issues. Our engineers are investigating and we will provide updates as more information comes in. Thank you for your patience.”

At least 200 posts complaining about the lack of calling, text messaging and 4G data services were made since about 10pm.

In a post, user Jess Woo said she had tried to restart her phone multiple times in the last hour. “Till now no response or official updates from Singtel on their page”, she added at the time, before Singtel’s post.

UPDATE on 20-10-18

A power-related issue was behind a disruption to Singtel’s mobile services that affected many users islandwide for more than three hours from around 10pm on Thursday.

The Straits Times understands that it was an internal power issue.

Apologising for the service disruption, the telco said in an update on Facebook at 1.20am yesterday that it detected issues with mobile voice and data services on its 3G and 4G network at 10.11pm.

“Initial investigations indicate that this was due to a power-related issue. Affected services have been progressively restored from 11.50pm and we will continue to monitor the network closely to ensure full restoration,” said Singtel.

It will be offering its mobile pre-paid and post-paid customers a day of free local mobile data on Nov 10, a Saturday.

A spokesman for telco regulator Infocomm Media Development Authority said it is investigating the incident.


I could… not use the phone network. This caused me great inconvenience.

SINGTEL USER CHLOE POH, who was unable to call for a Grab car to get home after an office event.

While some customers said service was restored for them after Singtel’s 1.20am update, others still had issues connecting to the Internet on their mobile lines.

The telco said later at 2am that as of 1.22am, all affected services had been restored.

A Singtel spokesman said yesterday: “We regret last evening’s service interruption that affected mobile voice, SMS and data services…

“We apologise for the inconvenience caused to our customers and thank them for their patience.”

On Thursday night, many Singtel mobile users said they were unable to make calls or access the Internet.

Customers took to Singtel’s Facebook page to complain about service disruptions in areas such as Jurong, Bishan, Ang Mo Kio, Bukit Merah, Woodlands, Orchard, Sengkang and Potong Pasir.

Between 10pm, when users said they started experiencing problems, and about 11pm on Thursday, there were at least 200 posts complaining about the lack of calling, text messaging and 4G data services.

Singtel first posted about the disruption at about 11pm, noting that there were mobile network issues, and that its engineers were looking into the matter.

In an update at 12.20am yesterday, Singtel said: “We regret to inform that some customers may be experiencing intermittent difficulties accessing mobile voice and data services on the 3G/4G network.”

By 1am, Singtel’s post about the disruption had received about 2,000 comments, about 1,800 reactions – including likes and angry reactions – and 770 shares.

In a Facebook post before Singtel’s update, user Jess Woo said she had tried to restart her phone multiple times in the last hour.

“Till now no response or official updates from Singtel on their page,” she added.

User Chloe Poh said she tried to call for a Grab car home after an office event but could not do so. “I could… not use the phone network. This caused me great inconvenience. Please give an explanation.”

Legal trainee Tan Anqi Angelina, 24, told The Straits Times that she relied on her home’s Wi-Fi network to surf the Internet.

“I’m not exactly sure when service resumed but when I went to bed at around 1am, it was still down,” she said.

Another Singtel subscriber, Ms Lim Lee Ren, 25, said she was not badly affected, as she was at home and could still rely on Wi-Fi.

But Ms Lim, who is an analyst at a finance start-up, added: “It would have been problematic if I was out and unable to reply to my bosses who need replies 24/7.”

Article first sighted on The Straits Times.

03 Jul

Singtel outage

SINGAPORE — Singtel has apologised for the 3-hour broadband outage on Wednesday (July 4) morning. According to a Singtel spokesman, the disruption was due to “some performance issues with our DNS (Domain Name Server)”.

The spokesman said: “We regret that our fixed broadband customers could not access their internet this morning…The issue has since been resolved and all services were restored by 10.55 am. We apologise for the inconvenience caused and thank our customers for their patience.”

Some Singtel fixed broadband customers took to Facebook to complain about disruptions to their internet access from as early as 7am on Wednesday.

The telco acknowledged the problem in a Facebook post at 9.03am, saying that some customers may be experiencing difficulty accessing the Internet on mobile and broadband devices, and that its engineers are “investigating”.

The disruption appeared widespread, with users reporting the problem from various locations, including Hougang, Ang Mo Kio, Woodlands, Tampines, Punggol, Sengkang, Toa Payoh, Jurong and Bukit Batok.

The telco’s website as well as that of payment provider AXS could not be accessed for some time in the morning.

An AXS spokesperson told TODAY that services on both its electronic payment channels — AXS e-Station and AXS m-Station — were inaccessible to users between 7.45am and 10.30am. Full service have since resumed for both these e-channels.

AT 11.39am, regulator Info-communications Media Development Authority tweeted that it is aware of the disruption, and that it has “begun investigations”.

In December 2016, Singtel’s fibre broadband services were similarly disrupted for several hours, and preliminary findings found that it was due to a technical issue that affected a SingNet server.

Article first sighted on Today.